A team of talent

that deeply care

on a big mission to

help create a better future.

Joel B-Leblanc
Creative Director & CEO
Sebastián Fermín
Brand Strategist & Designer
Web Design & Development

Our timeline


100% paper-free

Paper is beautiful, useful and quite handy. Unfortunately it uses 40% of all global wood. We're making the switch, fully, without looking back.


1% of revenue donated

While the goal is to help sustainable companies have their impact, we can still help. Based on our financial goals, this would add up to $2,500 per year.


Solar powered

We're looking outside from our windows at the beautiful sun, why not use it? Powering our workstations using solar will be a requirement.


1000 sustainable projects

It's not about quantity, but size of impact. However, an ambitious goal helps us stay focused. What is your goal?

The 20 warmest years
on record have been
in the past 22 years
38% of all known species
on a global scale are on the
verge of extinction
More than 3 million children
under age five die annually
from environmental factors
11% of greenhouse gas
emissions are due to

I want our kids to have fresh air.

I was fortunate enough to grow up in a beautiful city called Ottawa, the Capitol of Canada. Even in one of the forward thinking countries, I see the world changing around us. Time is ticking, thrash is pilling up, animals are dying, environments are disappearing. I will do everything in my power to help the ones who are working towards giving our children the planet we were fortunate to have.

Pollution just passed
HIV and Malaria in
biggest human killers
There will be more plastic
in our oceans than fish
by 2050
Humans have managed
to wipe out 90% of the
ocean’s top predators
Approximately 40%
of the lakes in America
are too polluted for
fishing or swimming