Your brand might be killing your growth

Branding Tips

Your branding will in many cases determine the success of your business. How to be successful in the industry if your business branding is not thoughtful, strategic and personalized?

Your brand might be killing your growth

Consumers today are increasingly bombed of false advertising. 84% of consumers agree that "online advertising is overabundant and perhaps even abusive" causes information overload and loss of credibility in some advertisements. This is in saying, how to establish a bond of trust between the customer and your company? Why would your target audience choose your products and services over others?

To do this, know the audience you want to target, yes. Market analysis and define who you want to talk to, yes. But, be sure to set clear standards and goals from the start, so that you create a foundation on which to build that suits you. The base to solidify? Your branding.


Honor your branding promises. Then, gain the trust of the consumer: it is essential that brands share the objectives and values ​​of their communities. For a bond of trust to work, it is about establishing a real connection. Think about the reasons your customers want to do business with you rather than a competitor.

For Play Fantasy Tennis, we create a trustworthy brand by focusing on communicating the value, but also the personality. The sarcastic take on copywriting is one example.

Both with your consumers and your internal team, the most dedicated employees are passionate, hardworking and motivated. The synergy of a productive team depends on several elements, but rest assured that the best employees are not just looking for a good salary. In order for your branding to achieve its goal, it is highly recommended that employees understand and participate in this branding building strategy. A good employee will understand your branding, a great employee will apply the values ​​of the company in each of their strategies.

Fortunately, people are consuming less than before and are using more discretion in their purchases. It's up to you to stand out with solid and authentic branding. One of the main objectives of a company is to control its branding and to ensure consistency between your values, your reputation and your notoriety. It serves to build a base around your brand and improve customer confidence. Only customers who are satisfied and confident with their experience will be loyal to you.