Why your brand could ruin your launch success

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Do you want to launch your business, or rebrand your image? Creating strong and effective branding is science and art.

Why your brand could ruin your launch success

Do you want to launch your business, or rebrand your image? This article has been designed for you. We are a studio that has been able to prove time and time again that there is a definite process to be followed when working on a branding image, and that to overlook its importance would be a big mistake.

To create your brand, you have to create a coherent image and start by defining the notion of coherence according to the emotions you want to convey and the design of your brand. While it will change along the way, the thought process involved in writing an appropriate strategy will help you ask yourself the right questions, better structure your idea and define your goals.

Don't hesitate to seek professional help. Choose your agency carefully, but don't stop at price. Make sure that the agency or studio you choose will have talent, experience, a quality portfolio and offer you a good strategy, not just design. Think about why your branding is so badly to be redone or designed, and why you want to hire a professional to do it. The experts you choose are going to help ensure the success of your business and have a good foundation. 

The hard truth is, anyone can find you a business name and put it in a nice font and call it a logo. You can always find someone cheaper and get it done faster, yes. But how much could it cost you in lost opportunities if you design your logo that way? No strategy and great colours? No organization, no values… A bad reputation can be formed, your marketing dollars will be going out the window and your chance to take a stance in your market will be lost. Creating strong and effective branding is science and art. Trust the experts who have both the skills, the inspiration and the knowledge of the trends.

For Two-Lane Black, we created a brand that was disrupting. In order for your current and potential target customers to remember your business, you have to mark them. It takes about 7 seconds to make the first impression. That’s why you need to ensure that everything about your brand’s presence is top-notch in order to secure a remarkable and memorable first impression.

Now think back to the real value of high quality branding that could help grow your customer base, increase your sales and give you access to your real potential. 89% of shoppers stay loyal to brands that share their values. It doesn't matter if you are working with a smaller studio or a large agency, you need to do a good research and go to people who are experts in their field. Without any market share, the most crucial part of a startup, is the launch. Are you ready to make the best efforts so that after your launch all the chances have been put on your side to ensure a bright future? The difference between a successful or unsuccessful business depends a lot on its branding, strategy and marketing efforts. As you learn it all, act in order for the success of your business.