Beautiful websites don't convert more

Web Design

With the arrival of search engines like the giant Google, your company has become more accessible, thanks to the magic of the Internet. Very useful as a tool but be careful not to fall into the trap...Your website can be beautiful but is it conversion focused?

Beautiful websites don't convert more

A beautiful website helps your business, yes! But is it more for the image of the company or for your website users to find what they're looking for? The most common mistake is to focus on the design and image of your site beyond the objectives. Do you want your site to bring you a new customer? Ask yourself if the path taken by your user is fluid and clear.

Users often leave websites within 10 seconds. Less time than you thought, right? But remember that platforms with clear services and a "user friendly" website can hold people's attention much longer. So yes, the beauty and design of your site is important, but your priority should always be focusing on the user. Within 10 seconds, your future customer should clearly know how to contact you and find the information they're looking for.

In an age where every business offers similar services, if your user cannot find what they are looking for, your competitor may be able to offer them what they want more easily and quickly.

The solution

Put yourself in the shoes of your customers, from the younger customers who know how to use your platform, or older customers who simply want to take advantage of your services in a hurry. For your business, define exactly what you want to achieve as a goal with your website. Define what are the biggest challenges your visitors face and how is your solution helping them? The clearer your mission, the better your customers will understand your services. If you're not clear on this, you may be missing out on new customers, employee prospects or even investors.

Optimize your efforts by analyzing the actions taken on your site. This step is often challenging without the skillset of the technical aspect of what makes an action a good or bad experience. Many companies know they need to measure the performance of their platform, but don't know how. Tracking user activity on your website is key. Many tools like Google Analytic analyze your user data for you, such as how much time is spent on each page, whether the user is successfully reaching your service, and even where your visitors are coming from. Optimize your website by keeping in mind your objectives and above all, your target customers. Forget the beauty, in 2021, we are focusing on efficiency.